A Week Like No Other

We are in the midst of Holy Week. We started with Palm Sunday, also known as the Sunday of the Passion. We processed into the church waving palm branches and I preached about Jesus coming as a king to rescue his servants. Thursday night we had a Passover, or Seder service. This is what Jesus was doing during what is now called The Last Supper. In it, we remembered that God released the Israelites from bondage in Egypt and how he releases us from the bondage of our sin by forgiving us. And Friday night we quietly read about the crucifixion of Jesus in a darkened sanctuary, extinguishing the candles one by one until we were in total darkness, remembering the death of Jesus that paid for our sins. And now we wait. Then, on Sunday we will celebrate the resurrection as Jesus promises to raise us as well.

So that is my week like no other.

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