Who Deserves Eternal Life?

One of the guys working on my car was asking me about heaven and hell and who goes there. He wondered if Hitler could go to heaven. I asked him if he thought that he deserved to go to heaven, and his response was that he was more deserving than Hitler. I guess the real question is, “does any one deserve eternal life?” I was trying to get him to see that he was a sinner deserving only God’s punishment. But he saw himself as a pretty good guy. Only when we accept the fact that God requires perfection will we realize that even our (supposedly) minor sins (relative to Hitler) still deserve nothing but God’s wrath. So, if we doubt whether Hitler’s sins have been paid for, then we can’t be sure if our own are paid for either, can we? I am glad that the Lamb of God has taken away the sin of the WORLD, which includes my sin, too.

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